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What is a Statute of Limitations as it Pertains to a Child Abuse or Molestation Case?

By David Wolf, Attorney Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In every state, there are laws in place that set forth the time limits, restrictions, procedures in which a criminal case or a civil personal injury case can be filed when a child is victimized by a molestation or abuse incident.

With respect to time limits, the statute of limitations is the deadline in which a lawsuit can be filed or for a criminal case in which charges can be filed against a criminal defendant.

In many states, there are special provisions or laws in place as to child abuse in molestation matters. It should be noted that there is no uniform law in place that apply for every case regarding the that she limitations for molestation, abuse or child rape case. Each state sets forth its own laws on these matters. Because of this, it is important that a parent contact a child injury lawyer as soon as practical in order to get advice, consultation and legal representation when appropriate as to the child’s rights regarding these matters and yes the applicable statute of limitations. In addition to the statute of limitations, parents should also be aware that there are often times certain notice requirements and procedures that must be followed when dealing with certain defendant. For example, there is often times a formal notice required to be provided to a government entity before cases filed on behalf of a child who is an abuse neglected or molested by a government employee like a teacher, volunteer, or system. The statue limitations as set forth in the particular state law may also be affected by the child’s age at the time of the incident in the time. In which the child attains the age of majority. In addition extensions of time are under certain laws provided if there is fraud, misrepresentation, or a crime committed regarding certain causes of action.

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