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What is the Federal Railroad Administration? How does it apply to personal injuries resulting from train accident?

By Roy S. Dickinson, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) was created by federal law (49 United States Code 103, Section 3) in 1966. The purposes of the Federal Railroad Administration include the enforcement of safety rail regulations and the development of policies to improve national rail safety. Children are often times the unfortunate victims of railroad accidents and incidents through the United States. A child who is seriously injured or dies in a railroad accident often time does not have a strong voice to lay out the facts or evidence as to the cause or reason for the accident / incident. Child injury lawyers who handle railroad cases have the knowledge and experience to collect the evidence from the Federal Railroad Administration and other sources to determine the “real” reason for a railroad tragedy or accident. Like any other business, railroad companies do not always step right up and admit a malfunction, negligent maintenance, or employee error when a child or adult for that matter is seriously injured as a result of a railroad accident. The Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) is an important government entity that helps collect evidence and data when there is a railroad accident / incident. Furthermore, the reporting requirements and other rules set forth by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) help to keep railroads in line to help limit or deter future tragedies from occurring. You can read more about the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) at the Official Web Site for the Federal Railroad Administration.

States throughout the nation including Oklahoma, California, Texas, and Illinois are often the sites of serious personal injuries and wrongful death to children who were crossing railroad tracks or using areas near railroad tracks like bridges. Parents of child victims of railroad accidents frequently have more questions than answers when there is a tragedy. The Federal Railroad Administration can provide some of the answers. In addition, a Railroad personal injury litigation lawyer can also help provide some answers through further investigation of the incident.

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