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What Should a Parent Do If a Child Is Injured by a Teacher or Aide at a Public School?

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Texas and other States, children, at times, suffer injuries as a result of the negligent and / or intentional acts of teachers, aides, child care providers, and others in schools and day care centers. Children should be cared for and educated in a learning environment that is geared towards the best interest of the children. Acts involving hitting, punching, pushing, shoving, or corporal punishment really have no place in schools and day care centers. While corporal punishment is still allowed in some schools and jurisdictions, it is often over used and / or excessive to the point that it causes physical injuries to the child or injuries that require medical care.

Teachers, assistants, and day care providers should be extremely patient with children. It is well known that children will misbehave from time to time. Some may not follow instructions. There are many actions that can be taken when a child misbehaves; however, a teacher or aide should never hit or strike a child. In some schools and jurisdictions, corporal punishment is allowed under local laws. Many teachers and administrators are too harsh with the use of corporal punishment and, at times, injure or leave marks on the child. When a child is injured through the negligent or intentional acts of a teacher, aide, or administrator at a school or day care center, the parent should seek advice from a Child Injury Lawyer to determine the respective rights and remedies of the injured child.

In East Texas, it was reported that a 4 year old (Alexander Normet) was injured at school. There were conflicting stories or accounts as to how the incident happened. The school initially told the parents that the boy had fallen and injured himself. The boy reported to his parents that a teacher pulled the boy’s leg out from underneath him and caused him to fall back onto a file cabinet. Due to the severity of the injuries that required medical care and the conflicting stories, law enforcement is investigating this incident further. You can read more about this story at Parents Upset at School Where Injury To Place – 4 Year Old Suffers Personal Injuries.

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