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What Should Parents Look for in a Wyoming Day Care Center? (Checklist for Parents of Children in Day Care Centers)

By R. Michael Shickich, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Wyoming and other States, parents are often faced with the important decision as to which day care to select for their children while the parents are at work. Most day care and child care providers are conscientious and loving people who truly care about children. On the other hand, there are some day care and child care providers who fail to follow rules and regulations. These day care providers, who cut corners and ignore laws and procedures, often times put children at risk for danger and personal injuries. When evaluating and re-evaluating a Wyoming day care center, it is helpful to have a checklist or guidelines in place to review the day care center and review the various strengths and weaknesses of the day care center. A detailed checklist that should be used by parents searching for and evaluating a day care center is located on the website for the Division of Family Services – Early Childhood Programs Division.

The checklist has the following sections and advice for parents:

1. Get Organized;
2. Conduct a Telephone Interview;
3. Make a Visit;
4. Check References;
5. Make a Decision.

The checklist is a good tool to help a parent get organized and obtain information in order to evaluate a day care center. A parent should take the time to properly evaluate a day care center and then continue to monitor the day care center following enrollment. If there are deficiencies with the day care center or just a parent’s feeling of uneasiness then the parent should consider selecting another day care center.

Unfortunately, children in Wyoming are injured far too often in Wyoming and other States. When an injury results from the negligence or carelessness of the Wyoming day care center, the parent should contact a Wyoming Child Injury Lawyer for advice, consultation, and legal advice.

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