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Alabama Driver Arrested for Having Teen Ride On Top of Van

By Scott Soutullo, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Alabama, a mother was arrested for having her teenage child ride in a cardboard box on top of a van. The driver, Jackie Denise Knott, informed Albertville, Alabama police that she had a good reason for placing her teen on top of the van. The reason was that the driver needed someone to hold down a box. Here is a better idea for this driver: leave the box and avoid putting a child at risk for personal injuries. Several drivers had called in this dangerous situation to police.

Parents do not always use good judgment in operating motor vehicles or supervising their children. Many children have been injured when riding unrestrained in the back of a pick up truck. While not many children are spotted riding on the top of a van, it is quite dangerous for the child. Fortunately, the teen was not seriously injured in Alabama. However, circumstances could have taken place that would have lead to serious personal injuries. A simple rear end accident or the wind or force from a passing semi tractor trailer could have turned this odd story into a tragedy. You can read more about this story at Alabama Mother Arrested for Having Teen Ride on Top of Van in a Cardboard Box.

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