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Albany Georgia – Day Care Center Director Arrested for Allegedly Failing to Report Child Abuse and Neglect

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Janaysia Stevenson was the unfortunate and tragic victim of child abuse. Recently, law enforcement officials and prosecutors in Albany, Georgia pressed criminal charges against the director of the day care center. What alleged crime was committed by the day care director? According to Georgia law enforcement officials, the day care director (Glenda Ann Brown) failed to report child abuse. Authorities believe that Glenda Ann Brown should have reported injuries and bruises to the child to authorities so that a child abuse investigation could have been initiated. There will be many issues involved with a case like this including:

What period of time did the abuse take place?

What were the visual signs and symptoms of abuse that should have or could have been observed by the day care director and / or the day care staff?

What are the Georgia laws on point as to the reporting of child abuse and neglect?

Did the day care director know that there was abuse or neglect?

Was it ever reported to the day care director that there was abuse and neglect?

What policies and procedures were in place as to the observation and reporting of bruises when observed on a child?

Did the day care center follow its own policies and procedures?

Did the day care center follow the policies and procedures for the reporting of abuse, bruises, neglect, and / or other observations as required by the State of Georgia Day Care Center / Child Care Center Regulations?

While there was no indication that the day care director herself physically harmed the child, officials believe that her actions or inactions may have avoided the ultimate death of the child that resulted from child abuse and neglect. See Day Care Director Arrested in Janaysia Stevenson Case.

Glenda Ann Brown will be entitled to representation by a Georgia criminal defense attorney or the services of the Public Defender’s Office.

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