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Texas Babysitter Caught on Surveillance Video Tape Abusing Children Under Her Care

By Robert Chaiken, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Texas, a 65 year old babysitter (Carolyn “Carrie” Marie Easton) was arrested for allegations that she shook and slapped 5 month old triplets under her care. The interesting part of this case is that the alleged abuse was caught on tape by the parents who had installed a hidden video camera. The parents were concerned about the amount of play time that the children received under the babysitter’s care and supervision. When the parents viewed the tape, the parents discovered the abuse and neglect by the babysitter. The acts were not only horrible but also criminal in nature.
It was reported that there were 37 incidents of assault and careless handling. Technology, like hidden cameras, can serve a valuable purpose for parents, child safety, and, yes, law enforcement. Unfortunately, not all parents have the resources or knowledge about video cameras to have them installed. See Texas Woman Caught On Tape Abusing Triplets She Was Babysitting.

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