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Another Criminal Suspect Arrested in California Teen Shackled Case

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A 16 year old boy recently freed himself from captivity from a California home in the United States. . . yes, a boy was shackled like an animal in the country known for being the home of the free. Another suspect was recently arrested for his role in the case involving the ongoing torture, child endangerment, and corporal injury as well as false imprisonment to the 16 year old boy. Three other suspects were previously arrested in this bizarre case that came to light when the boy escaped and was found by good samaritans at a local gym who stepped in and got the boy some help, freedom, and safety. Reports indicate that the boy spent 1 year in captivity. The torture, personal injury, mental and physical pain and suffering for this year is hard to completely appreciate. Hopefully, justice will prevail regarding the criminals who caused harm to this child. Furthermore, let’s hope that the child gets the medical attention and counseling he so greatly needs after being held captive for 1 year.

You can read more about this story at Another Suspect Arrested in California Teen Shackled Case.

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