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Michigan Mom Host Sex Party with Her 16 Year Old Daughter as One of the Dancers


It is terrible when a stranger hurts our children. It can be argued that it is far worse when a child’s own mother harms her child. In Detroit (Wayne County), Michigan, a Detroit mom and two men were charged with promoting prostitution when the police raided a home with 19 adult female prostitutes and 2 16 year old girls which included the mom’s daughter. Wayne County Sheriff’s office reported that it was a cash for sex party which involved a $15.00 cover charge and a negotiated payment for various sex acts with the prostitutes. The Detroit Mom could teach a class in “Bad Parenting 101”. For details on how to be one of the worst moms ever, you can read the articled at the Click On Detroit Web site at 3 Charged at Sex Party in Detroit, Michigan.

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