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Asheville, North Carolina – Child Hit by Car and Killed While Trying to Catch Bus

By John Jensen, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


According to Asheville, North Carolina police, a four-year-old boy was killed in a car accident while running across a busy street to catch a bus. The child was reportedly walking with his mother early in the morning, and the mother was holding the boy’s hand. The boy apparently broke away from his mother suddenly and ran into the street when he saw their bus arriving at its stop. He was struck by a car in the northbound lane. The boy suffered a traumatic head injury, and could not be resuscitated by CPR delivered by emergency personal at the scene.

According to police, weather conditions were bad and visibility was poor at the time of the accident. The child was also dressed in dark clothing. Following an investigation into the incident, the Asheville Police Department Traffic Safety Unit Officers have decided not to file charges in this accident.

Children are usually quite unaware of danger and can behave impulsively with tragic results; and this certainly is a tragic case. The child’s mother was taking appropriate care to hold her child’s hand while walking near a busy road and the driver of the vehicle was hampered by poor road conditions and the suddenness of the child’s movement into the street. You can read more about the accident and the investigation at No Charges Against Driver in Death of Asheville Child.

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