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Automobile Accident – Collision Puts Truck into Blockbuster Store in Longmont, Colorado

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


n Longmont, Colorado, a crash sent a truck into the front of a Blockbuster Store. Police investigators reported that a Dodge truck crashed into a Subaru Outback. The force of this impact put the Subaru into a curb, then into the Cubby’s Coffee Shop, and finally into the Blockbuster Store. Police reported that Steven Williams (age 37) from Longmont, Colorado sped through the intersection prior to the crash. There were 5 people injured as a result of this crash including: Bruce Kline, Kline’s wife, Kline’s 17 year old daughter, Maricuz Gutierrez, and Steven Williams.

Crashes of this nature can cause chain reactions that at times can be deadly. Fortunately, there were no reported injuries from Cubby’s Coffee Shop or Blockbuster. Speed limits and traffic signals are in place for a reason – the safety of others. You can read more about this story at Vehicle Crashes into Blockbuster Store – 5 People Including Teen Suffer Personal Injuries.

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