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Baby Dies After Being Found Unresponsive at Omaha Nebraska Day Care Center

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Nebraska and other States, parents bring their children to day care centers with the hope and expectation that good care will be provided and at the end of the day the child will be healthy, happy, and ready for pick up to go home. Unfortunately, not all days spent in a day care center are so idyllic and, in some instances, a child suffers serious personal injuries and even death in a day care center. Some personal injuries and deaths are unexpected and could not be prevented even under the best of circumstances but other deaths and injuries could be prevented with better supervision, more timely medical care, and compliance with the State and local day care regulations.

Omaha police are investigating a recent death of a 4 month old who was being cared for in a day care center. The child was found unresponsive in the day care center and then taken to the hospital for care and treatment. Unfortunately, the child died and the family must now make final arrangements for a life lost at such an early age. In most unexplained deaths of this nature, there is an autopsy to determine the cause of death, the preventability of the death, and any other medical conditions or problems for the child. You can read more about this story at Infant Dies After Being Rushed to Hospital From Daycare.

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