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North Carolina Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers – What Standards Apply as to the Condition of Indoor Equipment and Furnishings?

By John Jensen, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Working parents and caregivers in North Carolina rely on day care centers to provide their children with a safe environment free from hazards and dangers. Standards are in place that regulation North Carolina child care centers / day care centers under the North Carolina Administrative Code Title 10 A – Health and Human Services – Chapter 9 – Day Care Rules.

Pursuant to Section 602 – Condition of Indoor Equipment and Furnishings, the facility must keep all items in good repair and in useable condition. Equipment and furnishings must be sturdy, stable and free from hazards or dangers that may injure a child. This would include sharp edges, lead based paints, splinters, loose nails, and other dangers. Broken equipment and furniture really has no place in a day care center. These items should be removed or kept locked away from children to avoid harm to the children. Day care centers should anchor or secure any items that may tip or fall on a child. In Jacksonville, Florida, a child died when a TV set fell on the child. (See “>Jacksonville Florida Dies When TV Set Falls on Child.) While this incident took place in a private home, it is still a good teaching point for day care centers to secure or anchor all heavy items to prevent a tragedy of this nature from taking place. Safety and compliance with regulations are vital to the protection of children in North Carolina day care centers / child care centers.

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