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Belleview, Illinois Three Year Old Dies in Automobile Accident

By David M. Baum, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

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An unfortunate and tragic automobile accident took place in near Belleview, Illinois. It was reported that a child care giver was rushing a child to a hospital after the child suffered a facial injury at the home. During the automobile trip to the hospital, the driver lost control of the vehicle and drove into a lane of oncoming traffic. The child was ejected from the driver’s side of the vehicle. It was reported that the child had been sitting on the lap of a passenger rather than secured by a seat belt and / or approved child seat. See 3 Year Old Child Dies in Illinois Automobile Accident.

In Illinois and other States, parents, babysitters, child care providers, and day care providers are faced with emergency situations every day. When faced with an emergency situation, it is important for the child care provider / adult to remain calm and do their best to keep the child safe and calm. Otherwise, additional injuries can result.

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