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University of California Presidents Wants Pepper Spray Probe / Investigation

By Scott Marks, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In California and other States, college campuses like the University of California are common places for students and others to stage or have protests or gatherings to discuss or publicize important issues of the day. The college campus protest and meetings have formed in many ways the fabric of change in many instances in the United States. Most protests are well organized and do not result in any personal injuries or harm to the protestors or spectators at the event. The President of the University of California System is requesting a probe / investigation into events in which protestors were sprayed with Pepper Spray. See California College President Vows Pepper Spraying Probe.

It is important that college campuses are managed, supervised, and policed when necessary and a safe and orderly matter. The force used must be reasonable and necessary in light of the facts and circumstances involved with the rally, protest, and activity of the protestors and bystanders. Safety should be the goal. If force and/or Pepper Spray is not necessary to protect the protestors, bystanders, and / or law enforcement, other means should be used for crowd control and monitoring. Unfortunately, excessive force is often used when other actions could have been taken by law enforcement.

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