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Cane Corso Mastif Breed Dog Attacks and Kills 4 Year Old in Brooklyn Home

By Steven Smith, Attorney, and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A 4-year-old Brooklyn boy was fatally attacked by a family dog. Some believe this New York dog bite / dog attack may have been preventable. Four year old Jayelin Graham was fatally mauled by a Cane Corso Mastif. According to an article in the San Franciso Chronicle, the oversized canine allegedly “erupted in a violent rage” It is unknown what actually enraged the dog, but neighbors and others around the neighborhood stated the dog had a known reputation for being a menace. The owners of the dog disagree with their neighbors and say the dog did not have a violent nature. According to a witness, a man who attempted to save the young boy, the child had no hope once he was locked between the dog’s jaws. The man told the Daily News the dog was trained to kill. The man saw the dog violently shaking the boy by his throat. The boy’s aunt said the attack happened in a matter of seconds. As of now, no charges have been filed. For more details on this story please see 4-year-old Brooklyn boy fatally mauled by Cane Corso Mastif.

Although this breed of dog is typically easy to breed, they have strong protective instincts, which may prove to be troublesome. These dogs can be highly suspicious of strangers; for this reason aggression should never be encouraged. Also, these dogs typically dislike new things, animals and people. Therefore, owners need to be highly cautious when introducing this breed to new people or things. Dogs are great family pets, however it should not be forgotten dogs are still animals with animal instincts – caution should always be used when children are around dogs.

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