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Chicago, Illinois – Two Children Ejected from Minivan during Highway Spin Out

By David M. Baum, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

A minivan carrying six passengers recently blew a tire while travelling on the Dan Ryan Expressway in Chicago, Illinois. The minivan spun out of control and slammed into a semi truck trailer. A nine year old girl, a thirteen year old boy, and an adult were ejected from the minivan when it crashed. None of the three were wearing a seatbelt. All three were taken to the hospital and are in critical condition.

The other passengers, two adults and a third child, were wearing seatbelts and were not ejected from the vehicle on impact. The third child was taken to the hospital as well; her condition was not released. According to Chicago police, no citations have been issued in the accident yet.

Many people feel that laws about seat belt use in cars infringe on their personal freedom, but safety belts save lives. Child seat belt and child safety seat laws exist to protect children when they are travelling in automobiles. As a driver, you are responsible to know the laws in your state for securing children, and to ensure that they are properly belted in or in a properly secured child safety seat before getting behind the wheel. Laws also exist that spell out what responsibilities adults have in regard to their own safety belts. These laws need to be followed as well.

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