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What if a Child Suffers an Ear Injury at Day Care, School, or Summer Camp?

By David Wolf, Attorney

Child Injury Lawyer Blog

Ear-Injuries-300x292When a child is enrolled at a day care center, school or summer camp, it is the duty on the teachers, assistants, counselors and staff to provide a reasonably safe educational and play environment for the children.  Unfortunately, far too many children are injured on a daily basis due to negligent supervision, neglect, negligence, and even by the intentional harmful acts of the very people responsible for the safety and well being of the children.  When a child is injured due to the fault of another person, business entry, school, day care center or summer camp, there may be a case or claim brought against the wrongdoer.  From a practical standpoint, it is helpful if there is liability insurance in place to cover or pay for such claims / damages.

One injury that is reported involves injury to the ear.  When a child suffers an ear injury, the damages can range from minor harm requiring no medical care at all to extreme injuries involving permanent damage to the ear and / or deafness.  Children, especially young children, are vulnerable to personal injuries in just about any setting including day care centers, schools, and summer camps.  Because of the vulnerabilities of children, it is important for staff members / child care providers to be well trained, mature, and attentive.  Far too often, a child care provider has a phone or tablet in front of her face and eyes instead of the children.  When supervision is lacking, injuries can take place that have a lifelong effect on the child.

It was reported by Nationwide Children’s Hospital that a common household and day care object is causing harm to over 12,000 children per year.  Cotton tip applicators can and do cause injuries to the ears of children.  Far too many people including child care providers believe that the ear needs to be cleaned and use cotton tip applicators to clean the ear.  This, in turn, can cause damage to the ear in the form of pushing wax further into the ear, perforating the ear drum, and soft tissue injury.  Many of these injuries result when the child is given access to the cotton tip applicators and the child pokes the cotton tip applicator into his or her own ear.

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