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Child Care Providers with Criminal Backgrounds and Convictions Are Operating Wisconsin Day Care Centers and Getting State Funds

By Jonathan Safran, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Wisconsin, many working parents believe that a day care license / child care license operator is a responsible person with no criminal background. Parents should read the recent story posted in the Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. Day care owners, with criminal backgrounds of child abuse and neglect (yes, child abuse and neglect) are not only getting child care licenses but also are receiving state funds to operate the day care centers. While many people in life do get second chances and do rehabilitate, most parents would not entrust their children to a person who in the past beat a child with an electrical extension cord. Parents should investigate day care centers before enrolling their children and should visit the day care center as well. You can read more about this story at Wisconsin Child Care Providers with Criminal Backgrounds Getting Licenses and State Funds.

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