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Comparing Maryland Home Day Care Centers to Maryland Commercial Day Care Centers

By Benjamin A. Klopman, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Maryland and other States, parents, who need to place a child in day care, must make the decision between a Maryland home day care center and a Maryland commercial or traditional day care center. A good article was posted regarding this topic at Advantages and Disadvantages of Day Care for Kids.

The advantages of Maryland home day care centers include the following:

*Cost is typically lower than traditional commercial Maryland day care center;
*Small number of children allow for individualized attention;
*Typically one child care provider which allows the child to bond with the child care provider;
*Few children may equate to fewer illnesses and germs;
*Size of the home day care center allows for more flexibility in accommodating individual needs of the child and family.

The disadvantages of Maryland home day care centers include the following:

*More staff members allow for continued care if one caregiver is sick or goes on vacation;
*Rules are typically more formal and this may lead to better following of these rules as to the care of the children; and
*There are typically supervisors in place to monitor the actions of the caregivers.

Of course, there are other advantages and disadvantages to each type of day care center in place. A parent should inspect the day care center to make sure that the needs of the child can be met and are met by the day care center.

Consistent child care supervision can help prevent serious child personal injuries from taking place. Unfortunately, many day care centers, whether the day care center is a Maryland home day care center or a Maryland commercial day care center, fail to provide adequate supervision and safety precaution. This, in turn, can lead to a serious child personal injury.

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