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Conyers, Georgia – Labrador / Pit Bull Mix Attacks Child (Nathaniel Stafford)

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Four year old Nathaniel Stafford is in critical condition after being attacked by a Labrador / Pit Bull mix. According to the boyfriend of the victim’s mother, Brian Caron, the attack was so vicious that it nearly killed the boy. The dog reportedly tore into the child’s head, tearing his ears off and lacerating his throat – only narrowly missing Nathaniel’s jugular vein. Caron and his girlfriend were watching the dog, named Chaos, for friends while they were out of town. They had the dog tied up at the edge of their property, but it managed to break free. The dog’s owner, Thomas Chastain, has agreed to have the dog put down. In the meantime, Nathaniel’s face and ears have been stitched back together, but he may have to wait up to ten days for a skin graft to cover his damaged scalp.

This story is quite horrific. This child has been scarred for life and only time will tell how the injuries will affect him as he grows up.

Dogs are unpredictable animals. As such, parents should be extremely careful when taking on the obligation of watching or caring for a pet.

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