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Dangers of Ponds and Lakes in Residential Neighborhoods

By Scott Zahler, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Georgia and other States, there are dangers in most residential communities. What is one of the most common dangers? Ponds and lakes are among the most common dangers in residential neighborhoods. While the scenery and view of a lake or pond can be quite beautiful, there are risks of these water ways especially to young children. Many lakes and ponds are not fenced or otherwise situated to prevent young children from wandering into them. Because of this, young children die every year from accidental drownings. One such drowning was recently reported in near Chatsworth, Georgia. A 22 month old child (Aiden Hammontree) apparently wandered into a pond near the family home and drowned. The death of this child is certainly a tragic loss for the family, neighborhood, church, and the community. See North Georgia Toddler Dies in Pond Near Family Home.

Dealing with the death or serious personal injury is always difficult for the family. At these times, it is important to have other family and friends close by. The church and community also serve a role in helping comfort and assist the family grieving the loss of a child. While the services of an attorney or lawyer are not always necessary, there are, depending on the facts and the case, legal issues to deal with when a child suffers personal injuries or death. Sometimes, an attorney can help a family sort through the issues and represent the injured child or the family. At other times, there is not much an attorney can do except help comfort and advise the family. The book titled The ABCs of Child Injury – Legal Rights of the Injured Child – What Every Parent Should Know – has some helpful advice and recommendations for parents dealing with the aftermath of a child personal injury. You can receive a free copy of this book at Free Child Injury Book for Parents.

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