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Illinois Bill (Law) Proposes to Bar Teen Sex Offenders from Parks, Day Care Centers, and Schools in Illinois

By David M. Baum, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Recently, a bill was passed by the Illinois Senate, 42-2, that would ban teenagers convicted of rape or kidnapping from schools, public parks and day care centers, as well as join the list of sex offenders. Specifically, the bill would prohibit teenage sex offenders from coming within 500 feet of a school building or park. The bill also establishes a 100-foot barrier for juvenile offenders at school bus stops and forbids them from working at a day care center. However, ten years after completion of their sentences, convicted juvenile offenders are permitted to file for a waiver to be relinquished from the various restrictions, but only after a court ruling. Critics of the bill argue the current law, which allows judges to determine how to handle juvenile sex offenders on a case-by-case basis, is the best solution. Critics also argue that several treatment programs are in existence and these programs have a successful track record of stopping repeat offenses. However advocates of the bill argue this type of law is absolutely necessary to stop incidents like Victoria Larsen from happening. In 1979, Victoria was murdered and brutally sexually abused by a 15-year-old. For more read Illinois passes bill banning teenage sex offenders from schools, public parks and day care centers.

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