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Teacher in Westlake Ohio Arrested for Drinking Alcohol at School

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Ohio and other States, parents entrust schools and day care centers to provide a safe and clean learning environment for their children. In addition, parents expect that the teachers and staff members employed by the school and the day care center are alert, healthy, and doing their best to supervise and educate the children. Unfortunately, some teachers and day care workers shirk these responsibilities and engage in other activities at school that take away from their effectiveness and attentiveness. This can include excessive texting, Facebooking, computer and video games, taking on the cell phone, and, yes the use of drugs and alcohol. In Westlake, Ohio, it was reported that a substitute teacher was arrested for allegedly drinking at Westlake High School. The incident took place on April 8, 2011 where police were dispatched to the school. The teacher, Anne M. Keller, was cited for Disorderly Conduct Intoxication and having an Open Alcohol Container at the school. She later pled guilty to both of these charges. The physical evidence observed by the police was a Grey Goose Vodka botte. See Police: Teacher Drank at School, Had Bottle of Grey Goose.

Whether Ms. Keller is a good or bad teacher does not come into play when there is an incident of being intoxicated and having alcohol at the school. It is well known that alcohol slows down motor skills and affects decision making ability. It is important for a teacher or child care provider to be sharp and alert because children from elementary through high school age need adult supervision.

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