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Day Care Workers Fired After 2 Year Old Left at Zoo on Day Care Field Trip in Louisville Kentucky

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A 2-year-old was left at the Lousiville Zoo during a field trip by the toddler’s daycare center. While state agencies investigate the incident, Kids Kozy Korner is banned from taking field trips. Although police say it is unclear how the child became separated from the group, they could confirm a zoo employee found the toddler alone near the entrance of the zoo and was forgotten by the daycare. Police also said it took nearly two hours to locate the daycare after they found the child. Mark Zoeller, assistant director of the Louisville Zoo, said the zoo gives out bracelets for kids to wears with space for adults to write contact information in the event a child does happen to become separated from his or her supervisor. The toddler was not wearing bracelet when she was found. After the incident, the employees who worked the field trip were fired, said another employee at the daycare. To read more on this story see Toddler left at Kentucky zoo by daycare.

Parents, adults, caretakers, babysitters, daycare workers, etc. all have duty to supervise and protect their children. Although field trips can be hectic, daycare staff should be efficiently trained and always have plan to identify children. A buddy system is a great practice to implement to ensure the whereabouts of children.

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