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Delaware Deaths Statistics for Children Ages 0 – 19 Years Old – Legal Rights and Responsibilties

By James Bailey, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention collects and publishes data regarding child injuries and deaths for Delaware as well as other States. According to the CDC, transportation related injuries had the highest death rate among children ranging in age from 0 to 19 years old in Delaware. It is tragic when a child dies. Other categories reported by the CDC were drownings, falls, fire/burns, poisoning, and accidental suffocation. Co-sleeping arrangements can, in some cases, cause suffocation related death or injurires to children. See Infants in Wisconsin and Other States at Risks for Personal Injuries and Accidental Death When Co-Sleeping with Parents or Others.

It is a great loss for the family, friends, school, and the community. In Delaware, drivers should obey traffic laws and operate vehicles according to the road conditions and traffic. Safe driving can help prevent many deaths and injuries to children. Other types of accidental injuries to children can be prevented or at least reduced with better child care supervision. In an effort to help reduce the incidents of child injuries, the CDC publishes tips and advice for parents, caregivers, teachers, and others charged with the responsibility for supervising and or caring for children. See Road Traffic Injuries – The Reality for tips regarding topics like car seats and teen driving. See Falls – The Reality for tips regarding safety at play, home, and while participating in sports.

Prevention is key to preventing the pain, suffering, and, in some cases, death to children. If a child is injured or dies due to the negligence of a care provider, school, day care center, or medical provider, a child injury lawyer can provide consultation and advice as to the legal responsibilities and rights associated with such a matter.

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