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Dishwashing Detergent Capsules Pose Risk for Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


According to a British organization, the Child Accident Prevention Trust, attractively packaged capsules containing dishwashing detergent pose a serious poisoning risk for children. The capsules contain highly-concentrated detergent, which can cause serious chemical burns. According to the Trust, “hundreds” of children are being poisoned, and they attribute an 11% increase in calls about accidental poisoning to the introduction of the new tablets on the market. Toddlers have reportedly suffered chemical burns to the throat, eyes and skin after biting or playing with the tablets. The vibrant packaging and attractive design of the tablets are believed to make the poison more attractive to young children.

Parents need to be aware that these tablets may be extra attractive to children and take care to keep them out of their reach. Because children are oblivious to the dangers of playing with or eating dangerous objects, it is up to the parents to maintain proper child safety measures to keep their offspring safe from harm. Parents should keep emergency phone numbers, including poison control, within easy reach in case of an accident. Manufacturers can do their part by clearly labeling hazards as required by law and by being careful to avoid designing hazardous products that resemble toys. This includes brightly colored packaging as well as the design of the products themselves. Find out more the poisoning dangers at Wash capsule ‘danger’ for kids.

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