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Gary Indiana Woman Admits Recklessness as to Baby’s Burn Injuries

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Gary, Indiana, a woman admitted that she was reckless in causing serious burn injuries to a child. Lashonda Sheree Brassfield, age 28, was caring for a 2 year old girl in a home. The girl was left unattended in a bathtub where she suffered 3rd degree burns to her legs.

This story shows the importance of due diligence and supervision when small children are in a bathtub. Inattention can lead to serious injuries since small children do not understand the dangers of water which include scolding related injuries and drowning related injuries. You can read about this story at Indiana Woman Admits to Recklessness – Bath Tub Burn Injuries to 2 Year Old Girl.

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