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Georgia Parents and Homeowners Can Be Liable for Serving Alcohol to Minors at House Parties

By Stephanie Brown and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parents and homeowners in Georgia need to be cautious about serving alcohol at parties where minors may be in attendance. Under Georgia’s “Dram Shop” law, parents can be held liable for injuries caused by an underaged drinker who later causes an automobile accident. If the parent served the alcohol to the minor who the parent knew would soon be driving a car and the minor’s driving while intoxicated caused injury to a third person, the parent can be held liable for those injuries. If the drunk minor sustains injuries, however, the parent who provided the alcohol cannot be held liable for those injuries. Furthermore, if the drunk minor is killed in the car accident, his parents cannot recover for the wrongful death of their child against the adult who provided the alcohol. Howell v. Marks, 269 Ga. App. 147 (2004).

The laws and circumstances can be quite confusing depending on the facts of each case. As such, it makes sense to consult with a Child Injury Lawyer whenever a child is injured and alcohol has any involvement whatsoever with the injuries or death.

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