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Golden, Colorado – Three Year Old Boy Hit by Car, Rescued by Onlookers

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network

Joshua Johnson and his grandmother were in the Golden, Colorado Wal-Mart parking lot when Joshua suddenly broke away from his grandmother and bent over to pick something up off the ground. Debra Debruyne was looking for a parking space and never saw the boy; she struck the child and then dragged him for ten feet before she realized what had happened. When she stopped, Joshua was wedged under her car and couldn’t get out.

Scott Martin, a full time firefighter and paramedic and his wife, Jennifer, heard a thud and a scream, and then rushed to the car with medical equipment and a radio. Five other bystanders lifted the car off of the boy so that Martin could crawl under it and bring the boy out. The child was not breathing, but Martin was able to straighten out his airway. He then held the boy immobile so that he couldn’t move and hurt himself further. Joshua is in critical condition at Children’s hospital. According to police, there is no way Ms. Debruyne could have seen the child, and they will not be filing and charges against her.

A busy parking lot is a very dangerous place for a child, especially during the holiday rush. Parents and drivers need to take the time to pay attention to their surroundings and proceed with caution. Read more details about this accident and the heroes who saved Joshua’s life at Bystanders lift car to rescue trapped 3-year-old.

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