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Has Your Child Been a Victim of “Sack Tapping”? Groin and Testicle Injuries Are Serious Consequences to Fad/Game

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


There is a troubling and very dangerous game out there called “Sack Tapping” that boys are playing. The game is no laughing matter because many boys are suffering serious personal injuries to their groins / testicles that require emergency room care and, in some cases, surgery. Sack Tapping is painful, humiliating, and quite dangerous. Has your child been a victim of “Sack Tapping”? If so, there are several actions that you can take to address the problem. First, get your child medical care if needed to make sure that your child’s medical needs are addressed. Report the incident to the school and, if the situation warrants it, to the police. If injuries are serious, a parent can seek out a Child Injury Lawyer for consultation and representation. If there was a failure to supervise the aggressive child, then a claim may be brought against the school or other organization charged with supervising the children. In addition, there may be an action against the parents of the aggressive child through a homeowner’s insurance policy or through other avenues. If you see children engaged in this dangerous activity known as “Sack Tapping”, stop the children and counsel them on the dangers. For more information about this dangerous fad or trend, see ‘ Sack tapping’ – boys punching classmates in the groin – leads to serious injury, amputation.

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