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Important Factor in Selecting a Day Care Center – Instincts of Parents

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Recent headlines about abuse occurring in day care centers have many parents concerned. Child safety experts say a critical factor in selecting a day care facility is a parent’s instincts. If parents get a bad feeling about a day care, experts encourage parents to take a different route and seek an alternative instead of letting something bad happen to their child.

Parents should seek out available resources to aid them in selecting a day care center. For example, Child Care Resources is an organization that helps parents find a center and train day care staff. However, even with the help of groups – businesses – organizations like Child Care Resources, the ultimate decision is up to the parents. Parents are strongly encouraged to visit the centers and interview the staff themselves so they can make their own personal assessment of every prospective day care. Background checks are also an extremely useful tool in the day care selection process. Parents should do a background check on the day care center itself as well as personal background checks for the day care’s employees. If you would like to read more on this topic please see Parental instincts play a huge role in selecting a day care center.

Some excellent points are made in this article. First and foremost being that parents should spend a significant amount of time researching day care centers before selecting a day care. Clearly, a center should not be selected on a whim. Also, it is important for parents to do their own research so they can formulate their own opinions about the center as well as see the environment and staff for themselves. Selecting and day care center for your children is a very tough and demanding process. However, the more research parents do and the more time parents dedicate to the selection process will ensure a safer environment for their children.

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