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Indiana Couple (Stephen Quick and Samantha Light) Who Provided Babysitting Services Arrested for Child Molestation and Child Exploitation

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Parents in Indiana and other states should be very careful as to who they trust to babysit their children. In Veedersburg, Indiana, a couple (Stephen Quick and Samantha Light) were recently arrested and charged with serious crimes of child molestation and child exploitation. Police reported that the couple operated a baby sitting service out of their home and videotaped various sex acts with the children over a period of many months. The videotapes themselves will be very powerful pieces of evidence for the criminal trial should the case proceed to trial. This story should serve as a good learning lesson for all parents. Reserach and check out the people babysitting your children. If Stephen Quick and Samantha Light had no prior criminal record – then it may have been difficult to predict their actions. In addition to criminal history and record, it would be helpful to know if a family home day care or babysitting service is licensed or registered with the State of Indiana. If the allegations are true and proven, the criminal sentence should include prolonged prison time and subsequent probation that prohibits this couple from caring for or being around children where the children would be at risks from these sexual predators. You can read more about this story at Couple Arrested in Indiana for Sexual Exploitation and Child Molestation.

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