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Jonesboro, Georgia Day Care Worker Charged with Child Cruelty: Rights of Injured Child

By Stephanie F. Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Atlanta Journal Constitution Newspaper website reported that a Jonesboro, Georgia day care worker has been charged with the crime of child cruelty. Ashley Beck, a day care worker in her early 20s, worked at A Learn & Play Academy Day Care. There was a report that Ashley had injured a 2 year old child under her care. No details were reported as to the cause or mechanism of injury. As part of the criminal investigation and / or civil investigation by a Child Injury Lawyer, it would be important to know the following:

What injuries were caused to the child?

Were there any witnesses to the incident or incidents?

Did Ashley Beck make any statements regarding the incident?

Did the day care facility have video equipment or photographic equipment that documented the incidents or injuries?

How long had Ashley Beck been employed at A Learn & Play Academy?

What training and experience did Ashley Beck have in working with children?

Parents in Georgia and other States rely on day care centers and child care workers to provide for the health, safety and well being of their children. It is unfortunate and tragic in many instances that children are injured by the negligent and intentional acts of those charged with the responsibility of supervising and caring for children.

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