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Safety Tips to Help Parents and Caregivers Prevent Injuries at Home

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Children suffer unintentional injuries at home every day. A common every day object like a knife, lighter, and even a television can be very dangerous in the hands of a child. Parents, caregivers, and homeowners who have child visitors should take safety precautions to make the home safer for children. Simple steps can be taken that can help prevent / avoid serious personal injuries to children. Safety measures that can be taken for little to no cost include the following:

*Secure heavy furniture to the wall;

*Remove objects that can fall from tables or bookshelves;

*Keep sharp objects like knives and tools out of the reach of children;

*Remove colorful objects or toys from high dressers or bookshelves
(Do not give children a reason to climb up on furniture);

*Keep lighters and other flammable objects from the reach of children;

*Lock or otherwise safeguard poisons, chemicals, alcohol, and medications away from children;

*Lock or otherwise secure lawn mowers and other power tools / equipment; and

*Lock, fence, and otherwise secure all pools, spas, and waterways.

These and other safety precautions can help avoid serious personal injuries and death of innocent and curious children.

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