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Lawn Mower Injuries and Safety – Important Tips for Homeowners and Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Many homeowners pull out the lawnmower on weekend to cut the grass and do yard work. Every year, lawn mowers cause serious personal injuries to homeowners and, in some cases, children. I recently read a helpful article that outlines steps to take to prevent lawn mower related injuries. It was reported that over 110,000 are injured in the United States from lawn mowers. Some injuries involve the loss of fingers and toes while others involve fractures, burn related injuries, and eye injuries. Many injuries result from having bodily contact with the blades of the lawn mover. Others involve propelled objects from the lawn mover like rocks and glass. For any one using a lawn mower or comes near a lawn mower, I recommend that you read the article – Lawnmower Safety – How to Avoid Injury.

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