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Michigan Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers – What are the Required Staffing Ratios for Proper Supervision?

By Andrew Prine, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Michigan, child day care centers have a duty to properly staff the facility and supervise the children. In order to promote adequate staffing of child day care centers, the Michigan Department of Human Resources promulgated rules and regulations that require child day care centers to have certain staff to children ratios in place for the safety and supervision of the children. Pursuant to Rule 400.5105 Supervision and Ratio Requirement, Michigan Licensing Rules for Child Care Centers, staffing ratio requirements are as follows:

Number / Age of Children——————Staff Ratio Requirements
7 or more children over the age of 3——— A minimum of 2 staff members
Children 3 Years of Age——————- 1 Caregiver for every 10 children
Children 4 Years of Age——————- 1 Caregiver for every 12 children

Ratio requirements vary for toddlers, infants, and mixed groups. While it is important to comply with the ratio requirements, it also important for staff members to be alert and attentive to the needs of every child. People employed by child day care centers in Michigan and other States have an important duty to protect and serve the children in the facility. When a staff member does anything less than his or her job, injuries frequently occur that could have otherwise been avoided or prevented.

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