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Michigan Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers – What Types of Discipline Is Prohibited by Michigan Law?

By Andrew Prine, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Michigan and other States, children are often times abused and neglected in child day care centers. When it comes to discipline, many Michigan child care providers use a fist or a belt rather than a calm voice and reason when dealing with children. Corporal punishment in child day care centers is prohibited pursuant to Rule 400.5107, Discipline, Licensing Rules for Michigan Child Care Centers. Punishment in the form of hitting, spanking, biting, pinching and other physical or corporal punishment type of acts are clearly prohibited under this rule. In addition, a child care center can not take away food as punishment or tie up or restrain a child. There are some exceptions to these general rules when the health and safety of the child or others are at risk. Michigan child care centers have a duty to refrain from these acts. If discipline is necessary at the child care center, the child care workers have a duty to promote self control, self direction, self esteem and cooperation rather than resorting to physical violence and corporal punishment.

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