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Minnesota Day Care Centers – Steps Taken to Prevent the Spread / Incidents of the Flu

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Star Tribune (Minnesota) Newspaper website recently reported an encouraging article about day care centers in Minnesota. While the article lacked specific statistics and scientific analysis, the article did provide some home and encouragement for parents who have children in Minnesota day care centers. The title of the article – Beating the Flu at Day Care Centers – noted that some day care centers are very aware of the flu and germs that can show up at day care centers and to and from young children. Education and awareness are key to limiting the spread of the flu among young children. While it is impossible and unreasonable to expect that a child will never get a cold, flu or germs from another child in a day care center, it was encouraging to hear that some day care centers have been successful in limiting the reporting incidents of the flu. The simple act of turning off a community water fountain and being diligent about cleaning up a bathroom can help avoid the spread of the flu. You can read more about this article at Minnesota – Beating the Flu at Day Care Centers.

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