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New Jersey Bill Seeks to Make Furniture and Homes Safer from Falling Furniture and Televisions

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In New Jersey and other States, children are put in danger every day from unanchored televisions and heavy furniture that are prone to tipping over. Every year, children sustain serious personal injuries and even death when a television or piece of furniture like a bookshelf or bookcase tips over onto a small child. These dangers have prompted New Jersey lawmakers to propose a bill that would require manufacturers to include documentation / information with the sale of televisions and furniture. The documentation / information would include safety tips and products that can be purchased to anchor down or secure the television or furniture item. Under this proposed law, consumers would be provided with the information when they buy or rent the item. The bill is called “Chloe and Samatha’s Law”. Chloe and Samantha are two of many children who were killed when a television tipped over on them in separate incidents. You can read more about this New Jersey proposed law at New Jersey Legislators Propose Bill to Protect Children From Falling or Tipping Televisions and Furniture.

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