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New Zealand Mother Charged with Causing Brain Damage to Child for Bed Wetting

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A New Zealand woman (Itupa Julie Mikaio – age 40) has been charged and is being tried for causing serious personal injuries including head injuries to her three year old son. Prosecutors state that this mother beat her child because he wet his bed. Whether child abuse results in serious personal injuries requiring surgery like this case or just minor or no physical injuries, physical force should not be used as punishment or discipline. This is especially true due to the risk of serious personal injuries. There is also a psychological component to beating a child or threatening physical harm to a child. As evident by this story, child abuse and neglect is a worldwide program that still takes place every day to the detriment and harm of children. You can read more about the abuse that took place in New Zealand at Mother Beat Child Following Bed Wetting Incident.

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