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North Carolina Day Care Centers / Child Care Centers – What Standards Apply as to Safety Indoor and Outdoor Safety?

By John Jensen, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In North Carolina and other States, personal injuries to children result from unsafe child care centers / day care centers and negligent supervision. In North Carolina, child care centers are regulated by North Carolina child care centers / day care centers are regulated by the North Carolina Administrative Code Title 10 A – Health and Human Services – Chapter 9 – Day Care Rules.

Pursuant to Section 601 – Safe Environment, child care centers have a duty to provide children / students with a safe indoor and outdoor environment. Hazardous items should be kept away from children or in the alternative – adult supervision should be provided when children are around or exposed to potentially hazardous items. Furniture and furnishings should be child size and proper height for children. Outdoor play equipment including playground equipment should be appropriate for the age and development of the child. It is important that day care centers / child care centers follow these regulations and others for the health, safety and welfare of the children.

Parents and caregivers should review the North Carolina Administrative Code and other regulations to become educated on the requirements for day care centers. A North Carolina child injury lawyer / attorney can provide legal advice as to rules, regulations, laws, medical bills, medical treatment, and other matters when a child is injured in a North Carolina day care center / child care center. A diligent day care center that follows the rules and regulations can help prevent unnecessary harm and personal injuries to children.

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