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Norwood, Ohio – Man Arrested for Dragging Boy by Football Facemask as Form of Punishment

By Will Brown, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


In Ohio and other States, child are the unfortunate victims of corporal punishment that is both senseless and excessive. In addition, corporal punishment can and does lead to serious personal injuries to children. In Norwood, Ohio, Fox 19 News reported that a man was arrested when he dragged a six year old boy by a football facemask. The incident was actually witnessed by a police officer according to the news story. The adult, Charles Robinson – age 41, now will be facing a criminal charge of endangering children. See Police: Ohio Man Dragged 6 Year Old Child by Football Facemask While Mother Watched.

Mr. Robinson will be entitled to defend himself from these criminal charges through the representation of a private criminal defense attorney or the public defender. If a police officer witnessed the actual incident, it may be a very tough case to defend assuming that the officer had a good view of the incident and makes for a credible witness.

A child should never be pulled by the facemask. Some may have witnessed a child being pulled by a facemask by a coach or zealous parent on the football field. Whether the act is done on the football field, park, or playground, facemask pulling should be avoided because of the risk of personal injury. While it is understand that a child should be disciplined for improper behavior or language; however, excessive corporal punishment can cause physical and / or lasting psychological injury to a child.

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