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Nye County (Nevada) Sheriff’s Office Arrests Teacher, Aides and Principal for Child Abuse Charges

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The Nye County (Nevada) Sheriff’s Department recently arrested 2 school aides, a teacher, and the principal assigned to Floyd Elementary School located in Pahrump, Nevada. The allegations involve the unreasonable physical punishment of four mentally challenged students. Special needs children have a right to be taught in a nurturing environment not one that constitutes or even approaches abuse. It was reported that the children’s special needs stemmed from speech challenges, cerebral palsy, and hearing impairment. The abuse may have been going ton for two years according to detectives assigned to the case. The investigation is ongoing and may yield additional evidence and information regarding the actions and inactions of the school staff. You can read more about this story at 4 Nye County School Employees Arrested for Child Abuse.

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