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Ohio Baby Dies from Heat Resulting of Being Left in Hot Car Outside of Day Care Center

By Will Brown, Attorney & David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


An Akron, Ohio day care worker left a 13 month old child in a vehicle outside a local day care center. The vehicle apparently was carrying 5 children. The day care worker brought four of the five children into the center, leaving the fifth child in the vehicle for several hours. According to reports, it was 90 degrees outside. The 13 month old that was left in the vehicle died.

There have been several deaths related to children left in vehicles. On a hot day temperature can reach 180 degrees in a vehicle with dark interiors. It is important not to be distracted when getting out of your vehicle. Day care centers and schools have the responsibility to keep your children safe from harm. Make sure your day care facility has a plan for loading and unloading vehicles and the overall supervision of children. For more information on this subject, see <a href="” target=”_blank”> Baby Dies from Heat Resulting of Being Left in Hot Car.

The avoidable death of a child is a tragedy that impacts the family, neighborhood, and the community. Children should always be given priority when it comes to day care supervision, and, yes, transportation. Even a moment of inattention can lead to serious personal injuries and even the death of a child while under the supposed supervision of an Ohio day care center.

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