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Onslow County North Carolina Fourth Grader Brought Blades in Markers to Sell to Other Children- Dangers at Elementary Schools

By John Jensen, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A fourth grade student in Onslow County, North Carolina faces suspension after he was caught concealing blades inside markers. The student was caught at Morton Elementary School making the weapons by inserting razor blades and “other sharp objects” into felt tip pens and markers. The student also sold the weapons to other students at the elementary school. The North Carolina elementary school student now faces school suspension and court charges for creating the weapons and selling them on school property. Three other students face similar charges for also having the weapons at school. For more read 4-grader faces suspension after making weapons out of markers and selling them at school.

Luckily, no students were injured by the weapons. Students who bring weapons to school jeopardize their future: they can be punished academically as well as prosecuted criminally. If they inflict personal injuries onto their peers or teachers, these students may also subject themselves to civil charges in order to pay for the harm caused.

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