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Parent’s Viewpoint – BB Guns / Pellet Guns / Air Soft Guns Should be Illegal for Children

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


An interesting article regarding BB guns was posted at the Mom Logic website. The author of the article advocates for banning the use of BB guns for children. Many parents and gun advocates would argue that BB guns (as well as regular guns) are fine in the hands of children who are trained and supervised in the use of these toys / weapons; however, as the article in Mom Logic points out, BB guns can be very dangerous and can even cause death in some instances. Some argue that the benefits and joys of shooting a BB gun are far outweighed by the dangers which can include serious personal injuries and, yes, even death. Another problem with BB guns and other air soft guns is that police and law enforcement often mistake these guns for more dangerous or powerful weapons. This is especially true when the orange tip of the toy has broken off or has been removed. You can read more about the dangers of BB Guns Should be Made Illegal for Children.

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