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Phoenix, Arizona (Ed Pastor Elementary School) Teacher Arrested for Sexual Conduct with a Student / Minor

By David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


A 49 year old teacher was arrested for having sex with one of her 14 year old students. The teacher, Rosana Brown, used modern technology to lure the student to a hotel room. Brown text messaged the boy to meet her at a hotel room. The 49 year old text messages showed that she was portraying herself for a sexually active teenager. No amount of technology could disguise the real life Rosana Brown for a school teacher. The boy telephoned his mother after the sexual encounter and informed his mother that he had sex with a teacher. The mother then convinced her son to tell her where the teacher was so that the mother could confront the teacher. That must have been an interesting and uncomfortable situation. Ms. Brown’s teaching days appear to be over based on the facts as reported. It appears that her future days will involve incarceration. You can read more about this story at Arizona Teacher Lures Boy to Hotel for Sex – Arrest of Teacher Follows.

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