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Oakton Elementary School (Evanston, Illinois) Student Found (Aquan Lewis) Hung in Bathroom – What Happened? What Supervision Was in Place?

By David M. Baum, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


Aquan Lewis, a 5th grader at Oakton Elementary School, was found hanging from a hook by a school janitor in the bathroom. The boy was pulled off the hook and was lying on the floor when the janitor entered the restroom.

911 was called and CPR was performed on the child. Aquan was transported to Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois where he was pronounced dead.

Authorities with the school system and the police released few details about this incident. A school spokesman has stated that the incident was an accident. With the few details that have been released, it is hard to determine the accuracy of the statement that it was just an accident.

Children in the public as well as the private school system in Illinois and other States have a right to be educated in a safe learning environment. Elementary school aged children including 5th graders need consistent and diligent supervision to make sure that the children’s health, education, and safety needs are met in the school system.

The tragic death of Aquan Lewis raises some important factual and legal issues including but not to the following:

When was the last time that Aquan Lewis was seen or supervised at the school?
How long was Aquan missing before a search was conducted for his whereabouts?
Did any school personnel even know that Aquan was missing?
Who was the last person to see Aquan at the school?
Have there been incidents in the past where a child has been injured in the bathroom?
What kind of security (if any) was in place at the school?
How as it determined that the incident was an accident?
Were there any incident reports made for the incident by the school system?

The death of Aquan Lewis is a great loss for his family, the school, and the community. You can read more about this story at Illinois 10 Year Old Found Hanging in Elementary School Bathroom. Hopefully, the family will get more answers to these questions and others by the school, school district and the police.

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