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Phoenix Police Department Arrests Man (Joseph Edward Roberts) On Allegations of Sexual Assault and Abuse on Children

By Sara J. Powell, Attorney and David Wolf, Attorney
Published by Child Injury Lawyer Network


The AZ Central Website recently published an article about the arrest of a man (Joseph Edward Roberts) who is suspected of molesting / sexually assaulting several young girls over a period of years. It was reported that Mr. Roberts would target young girls from economically struggling families. He would bring them in and buy them cell phones and take them on trips. Along the way, Mr. Roberts would groom these young girls for sex according to the allegations made against him.

Mr. Roberts will be entitled to defend himself on these charges. It will be interesting to see what evidence is gathered against Mr. Roberts. Some of the evidence may be from eyewitness and victim testimony. Other evidence may be electronic. This may include possible incriminating e mails and text messages. it appears that police have already done a good bit of investigative work so far and plan on doing much more. Anyone with information regarding this matter should immediately contact the Phoenix Arizona Police Department.

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